From techno to classical, and back again – the Versus project continues to morph and evolve, with the release of Versus remixes from the eponymous album.

As InFiné Music ten-year anniversary gift to itself Versus was conceived as a platform to continue the label’s genre-bridging mission statement. After all, Carl Craig’s canonical techno has always lent itself particularly well to hybridization with modern classical, jazz and classic rock forms – even muzak. From an initial 2010 recording, the project birthed a full-length containing two original Francesco Tristano compositions alongside symphonic versions of Carl Craig classics, reworked in the studio by the man himself.

Hot on the heels of a live synth-only tour that hit Sonar, Detroit’s Movement and S4W Festival London in 2017; and celebrating the reprise in 2018 at more mythical venues (London’s Barbican and Berlin’s Funkhaus), we hand-picked a clutch of up-and-coming producers to push the project further into ambient and techno territory.

In these package, fellow Red Bull Studios collaborators Berlin Benedikt Frey and London Beatrice Dillon deliver their own interpretations of Dominas and Darkness.

Additional remixes by Henrik Schwarz, Tom Trago, Abul Mogard, Siavash Amini, Antigone, Ishmael Ensemble and Secret of Elements will be dropped here in the next few weeks.