Cassy x Art Alfie – Bondebeats EP [Kwench Records]

Released 16th Feb (Vinyl and Digital)

For the third release on Kwench Records, Cassy collaborates with Stockholm’s Art Alfie. Between them they deliver two diverse tracks brought together with a touch of class and Cassy’s distinct vocal. For the remix, German DJ / Producer Chris Count rounds off the EP by delivering an acid tinged version of ‘Solar’.

Although quite different, Cassy enjoys both Art Alfie and Chris Count’s productions for similar reasons. “Their music is produced so stylishly. You can tell they have put a lot of time into really listening to music. They know how to build in a natural way. I love that we have ended up with three totally different tracks on this release.” – Cassy

Art Alfie enjoyed a successful 2017 as a solo artist. His first project of the year, the ‘Reveries Of’ LP, released on none other than Studio Barnhus. This was swiftly followed up by another solo effort on his Karlovak imprint he runs alongside Mr Tophat. Both releases garnered plenty of support from across the DJ spectrum.

“I have enjoyed playing Art Alfie’s music for a long time. His productions are a pleasure to play and listen to. He was one of the first people I sought after collaborating with when I first had the idea for the label”

Although on the circuit for some time with releases on the likes of Dopewax, Intec, and Universal Music, Chris Count is a more recent and exciting discovery for Cassy, she is a big supporter of his releases.

“Chris Count makes fucking great music! This incredible remix delivers every time I play it. No matter where I am in the world, people love it”