Hector x Nicole Moudaber ‘Retrosaw’ EP [ VLack ]

‘VLack’ is a new imprint created by Hector for techno focused releases, that he also enjoys playing and producing, outside of those deeper more minimal grooves.

It’s almost 20 years ago that Hector left Mexico to pursue his dream of DJ-ing. On this journey, he has learnt that there is no room for complacency, and to stay sharp you need to test your skills.

Through his years of working at Phonica Records as a young and aspiring DJ, Hector was exposed to many genres of electronic music. Many of which he had never heard before, and this was the hugely inspirational time that musically shaped him as an artist.

Having met Nicole through Smokin’ Jo, the two naturally clicked. This led to Hector producing a remix for Moudaber’s 2015 collaboration EP with Skunk Anansie singer Skin. A project he admired Nicole for, and the way it sought to break the boundaries down.

Working together, Hector and Nicole’s production style gelled perfectly as they understand each other musically but respect each other’s individual sound. Mixing the two producers styles together was a challenge, but one the pair relished. Taking their time to ensure the end product was something they were both happy with.

The ‘Retrosaw’ EP has three dark minimal cuts representative of both Hector and Nicole Moudaber. The first track ‘Retrosaw Dub’ is full of swelling subs and brooding bass with minimal percussion. ‘Retrosaw 2’ sees the addition of some moody synths on top of crisp hi-hats. The last track from the EP ‘Busted’ brims with bubbling bass hits, distorted mechanical sounds.


Released: 12th Feb 2018 – VINYL ONLY

A1. Retrosaw Dub
B1. Retrosaw 2
B2. Busted