floating in space

With enROLL, 3Lock, Damir Ivic

OR:BEAT floating in space

OR:BEAT is about expanding. Expanding boundaries. Expanding consciousness. Expanding sound. Expanding visions. Floating in space, travelling with your senses, reconnecting with the truest essence. Reconnecting with Mother Earth.

Conceived by three masterminds of the Italian electronic music scene (enRoll aka Rame, one of the legendary house music trio Pastaboys; 3Lock aka Andrea Rango, highly recognized dj, the man behind several crucial moments for dance music on the Italian FM radio landscape and father of the Soundzrises series; journalist and radio host Damir Ivic), OR:BEAT is a multimedia trip that runs through carefully selected vibes.

With musical trajectories spanning over the last three decades – be it dance music or more meditative, downtempo scenarios – and enhancing whatever convincingly recalls the purest principles of “future”, “space”, “transition”, OR:BEAT is an experimental a/v venture that defies gravity and escapes the fatigue of contemporary, hyper-connected lifestyle. More than that, it reconnects you with the highest essence of it all: nature, humanity, life, Mother Earth.

Once a month, a dj/producer/selector chosen amongst the most authoritative ones within the club culture panorama is asked to contribute to the series, which usually takes place on a weekly basis.

4YOU TV (Italy) every Saturday at 00:00am
Radio City (Italy) every Monday at 00:00am