TOTW: Xx ISIS xX – Two Faces (Mathew Jonson’s Remix)

Two Faces is the new Tune Of The Week on Soundzrise Radio!!!

Family Matters EP by Xx Isis xX is made up of two tracks: “Two Faces” and “Through The Night” along with remixes by genius Mathew Jonson, Nathan Jonson and Latin freestyle legend Jorge Ojeda.

xx Isis xx, comes from a musical family (from Spanish grandfather a flamenco a cappella singer, “Cantaor de Hondo“, and her father of Thai origin was an acid house DJ in the early 80s). Isis’s current work reveals a great evolution of her work in the studio. Both as a vocalist and in production. These tracks are the reflection of a moment in which she took the leap of her life, went from her facet as a dancer, (at Heart Club, part of the Cirque de Soleil conglomerate and traveling the world with Richie Hawtin’s Enter project) to pursue your dream of becoming a singer / songwriter.

“Two Faces” transmits that fusion of profiles that the artist maintains inside. On the one hand, her experience as a dancer and her love for singing and composition. This combination of talent helps her create two music videos in collaboration with her friend and producer Angela Bravo for “Two Faces.” A version that was remixed by her husband Mathew Jonson and edited by Isis herself.

Isis tells: “Two Faces” is a reflection of how she felt inside back then. There was an internal fight over who she believed she was and who she wanted to be. One day, the darker parts of her interior appeared and reminded her of the traumas of her childhood, suddenly everything just came together. “

She wrote the lyrics and the melody in an explosion of inspiration. The result is a sublime gem of pop-house that combines the melancholic depth of New York’s early house music with brilliant synthesizer melodies, all bathed in by Isis’s own vocal.

The first of two remixes for “Two Faces” comes from Isis’s husband, the magnificent genius Mathew Jonson. Its version departs from the purely dance floor style to offer us a more personal and intimate touch.

The second remix comes from the hand of veteran Latin producer Jorge Ojeda. The remix perfectly complements Isis ‘voice with funky-flavored electro beats from the’ 80s.

Available on the Shaddock Records label and you can already get this wonderful album on Beatport. Discover more about this artist in her RRSS: