Riva Starr and Tiger Stripes drop their debut collaborative EP, with the inspired ‘Sound Of The Bettest’.

We first got an inkling of the exciting partnership that may exist between Stefano Miele (Riva Starr) and Mikael Nordgren (Tiger Stripes) last November, when Stefano presented his new Hyperloop project on Truesoul. Not only was it one of 2017’s standout releases for the label, it featured an exciting re-work by Tiger Stripes of EP track ‘Fallen Angel’, giving us a sense of the musical harmony that exists between the pair and taste of what was to come.

With Riva Starr’s background as a jungle/breakbeat DJ and Tiger Stripes long-history in techno, together with the pair’s shared love of dirty house beats, ‘Sound Of The Bettest’ is a wicked melting pot of both their pasts and passions. Hammered by Adam Beyer, the title track is driven by a stunning groovy bass, warehouse MCing and deft breakbeat interludes. ‘Move It’, is a rough and tough accompaniment, characterised by a bad arse jungle bassline and breakbeats, impactful vocals and and stomping techno beats.