Ron Flatter – Muscle Of Synths (Pour La Vie Records)

Marking seven years since his debut album Growth Rings, Germany’s Ron Flatter returns for his sophomore LP with Muscle Of Synths. Releasing on his own Pour La Vie Records, Flatter draws up his 15 year artistry as he articulates all of the energy, driving groove and melody into one ten track journey.

The eponymous opener Muscle Of Synths weaves a hypnotic melody that builds towards a sonic peak of layered, oscillating synthesis. It’s a statement of intent that will get the heart pumping and veins popping. Vespasian follows, commanding a deeper realm, building tension slowly once again, this time with a multi-layered synthesis, transforming into a more hopeful journey. Up next, Strangers, is assembled with rough-edged, metallic and wooden percussion, jilted synth notes and a spattering of echo vox licks. Nearing the midway point, Flatter acknowledges what has come before and grants some reflection with smooth and whirring, The Last Days.

“After a lot of releases, I wanted to do something coherent that is not picked to pieces by different labels. The album is for me a cross section of my work of the last two-three years. I meander with the album through the music genres that I really like and also play myself, you can hear techno, trance and 80s influences. For me it was clear that it was time to release my second album. It tells my story which you can experience with me on the floor when I perform.”
Ron Flatter

Switching things up, Okusch, is a track full of percussive texture, shimmering synths and groove that jacks a little more than before. With a galactic techno edge, Cato is all about the thick kick and zonal bassline, building to the midpoint with a shower of bright, progressive melodies. Loom thrusts itself into the mix with an electro-tinged synth hook that guides the most primitive of beat structures to turbulent and satisfying breakdown. A far cry from its title is the humbling and gentile Narcissus, which breaks up the second half with its beautifully cool, calm and collected groove and synths.

Tusato, continues this positive theme with a hopeful layering of whirring melody, supported by a simplistic modern house beat. White concludes the LP, and the most club-focused to boot. This feel-good track encompasses the trademark driving groove, captivating melody and boundless energy Ron is synonymous with.

Ron Flatter is fifteen years in the game, a prolific producer DJ and the founding owner of Pour La Vie Records. He hails from Halle (Saale), Germany, where he holds down a key residency. In 2011 he showcased his unique signature on his first album, Growth Rings and has developed during the several years since to become a truly global electronic player.

This new album demonstrates the level at which Ron is operating at now, an exceptional exhibition of his studio prowess and songwriting ability.