Let there be space.
Let the music breathe.
Let the emotions arise.

In a times where sonic landscapes are too often pre-chewed, strategically built on purpose, proudly predictable (…a disease that poisonously affects the once-daring-and-brave dance music hemisphere), Soundzrise wants to be a place where you can hide.

Be it a journey through freshest house & techno sounds, be it following off beat paths, Soundzrise is all about naturally following the flow. That means, whoever joins the radio is given complete freedom, the freedom to express her or himself. A way to get back to the roots (roots you may investigate on Soundzrise as well, as some great video documentaries on the foundations of club culture are regulary listed on the website), when dance music was a challenge, when it was meant to unearth the purest and deepest feelings, when it was an attitude that fiercely made you follow unpredictable tracks.

Actually, Soundzrise is a state of mind. It’s an operating process. You may taste it on FM radio, through the waves of Italy’s m2o Radio, a daily dose of magic aired – no casualty – in that particular time when nights turn into dawn; you may join the web, as is an ever growing content hub with sounds, stories, images, imageries.

We need something new.
We need space.
We need music to breathe.