artist: Balatron
label: Yuku
date: 16th August 2020
format: Vinyl, Digital

For his debut album, IÐAVÖLLUR, Icelandic bass music artist BALATRON reaches back to his ancestral Norse roots and the mythology of Iceland to evoke multi-genre audio concepts that weave deftly between nostalgic and cutting edge. As the first release on the new and exploratory, genre fluid YUKU label, which in a very short time has picked up a strong following and momentum, IÐAVÖLLUR breaks out of the gates with a considered and weighty stride, embodying a release that is as sincere as it is full of spirit and celebration.

IÐAVÖLLUR is a place of reflection, remembrance, and new beginnings. For my first LP, I wanted to express diversity across many styles and forms, and give you a sense of my various influences in music infused with my own sound.
For this Project I had the amazing privilege to collaborate with a number of artists that I hold great respect for: Monuman, Craze, Subp Yao, Survey, and Kilo.” Balatron

As mentioned in the Poetic Edda…

“The gods in Iðavöllur meet together,
Of the terrible girdler of earth they talk,
And the mighty past they call to mind,
And the ancient runes of the Ruler of Gods.”