GIORGIA ANGIULI feat CIOZ “United” (United)

UNITED by Giorgia Angiuli With UNITED,

Giorgia Angiuli invited producers and musicians over the last 8 weeks who have currently been facing isolation to join her in piecing together a song that will raise money for the Italian Red Cross, and their fight in preventing the spreading of the virus. She outlined instructions for participation via her social media profiles and then took the top submissions to create a unified piece of music that will be released first exclusively on Beatport on May 29th 2020. 

 Currently based in Florence, Italy – a country which has been hit hardest by the current COVID-19 pandemic – Angiuli has refused to let quarantine stifle her creative side.’Just because we have to keep distance, and can’t meet each other, doesn’t have to mean that we can’t work together on a new project,’ Angiuli says in a statement.

Giorgia Angiuli’s friend CIOZ, a producer from Bergamo, helped her to select all the ideas and finalize the arrangement. The outcome is a beautiful, dreamy song where Giorgia Angiuli has picked the following artists for the final version: Blue Phoenix, Boy Oh Boy, Charles Robert, Cuprite, David Koon, Ella Romand, Nairobi D, Nors Kode, Marshall White, Matias Donatien, Monochrome, One Lucky Spacetraveller, San Hell Sing. All the selected participants will also be asked to participate in a video clip for UNITED, that will take shape as all the pieces of this grand sonic puzzle begin to come together. From the looks of it, it’s already expected to go viral. Mastered by LANDR and distributed by Label Worx the song is meant to raise money for the Italian Red Cross (, who’s great work continues whilst also coordinating its response to the pandemic with Italy’s Ministry of Health.

Any donations for medical supplies and to aid in the work of its volunteers is greatly appreciated. ‘We are facing a huge worldwide emergency, it’s not an easy moment, but we need to be united, stay positive and be proactive, ‘says Giorgia Angiuli. To note: ‘If you support any of these on an upcoming stream please do let us know so we can highlight on socials of the label and artist’

Very special thanks to… @norskodemusic @ellaromand @djdavidkoon @monochromemusic_ @boyohboy_music @marshallwhitemusic @matiasdonatien @charlesrobertmusique @nairobidddd @pier_clivati @oneluckyspacetraveller @cuprite_music

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