TENDERHEART “Joyful EP” (Inner Symphony)

Ukrainian DJ & producer, Tenderheart, returns to Inner Symphony with a new mini album, “Joyful”.
Featuring seven original tracks, delivering positive vibes and musical chills.

Tenderheart opens with “Joyful”, setting a peaceful mood, freeing your mind to imagine and dream. “Unoften Cheerful Moment” brings you to a dreamlike state & serenity. “Hundred” presents a melancholic yet hopeful feeling with its soft melodies escalating, leading you towards happiness. “Organica” is a sensual track transferring healing energy. The next track, “Rooted”, takes you on an enigmatic journey with its downtempo & melodic soundscapes. “The Last Call Of Darwin” is composed of reverberating sounds carrying you towards an ethereal world, leaving you to reflect in solitude. Lastly, “Watching The Nature”, a multi-sensory and uplifting experience transporting you into a natural environment.

This mini album, “Joyful”, is a sensational release showcasing deep and minimalistic music.

A reflection of Tenderheart’s remarkable work.