Posted on 18th September 2021



  With our feet firmly in summer, Wallners’ new single “Dracula” throws back our minds to those darker days whose only distractions were to embrace them entirely. “Dracula” goes beyond defining a gloomy mood, it centres itself within and explores the paths that emerge from it. The music video is once again made by the […]

Posted on 24th August 2020


TOTW: GROOVE ARMADA “Lover 4 Now” (Sony BMG)

GROOVE ARMADA back in radio with the first single, “Lover 4 Now” , from their new upcoming album. With featuring vocal by Todd Edwards, “Lover 4 Now” is A summer anthem of positivity, love and togetherness, Todd’s signature vocals shimmer above a straight ahead italo-disco groove. It was made with a moment in mind. “Ibiza. […]

Posted on 10th August 2020


TOTW: ELA MINUS “Megapunk” (Domino Records)

Colombia-born/raised and Brooklyn-based musician Ela Minus debuts her new single, “Megapunk,” via Domino is the new TOTW on Soundzrise RADIO. It follows “they told us it was hard, but they were wrong,” an invigorating single Minus released this spring that was recently remixed by Fort Romeau, DJ Python and buttechno. “megapunk” is on the same […]

Posted on 3rd August 2020


TOTW: SAD13 “Ghost (Of A Good Time)” (Wax NINE)

For nearly a decade, Sadie Dupuis has been celebrated for her literary lyrics, accomplished guitar playing, and embodied ethos of empowerment, whether with rock band Speedy Ortiz or the pop-oriented solo project Sad13, which debuted in 2016 with Lizzo co-feature “Basement Queens.” It was followed by the self-produced Slugger, featuring “Get a Yes,” a glitter-bomb […]

Posted on 29th June 2020


TOTW: KELLY LEE OWENS – On (Smalltown Supersound)

Artist: Kelly Lee Owens Title: On Album: Inner Song Label: Smalltown Supersound Release: 24th June Format: Digital / + vinyl on album Techno producer/musician Kelly Lee Owens unveils a new single/video, “On,” from her forthcoming album, Inner Song , out August 28th on Smalltown Supersound. Following “Night” and “Melt!,” “On” is a rustling electro-pop glimmer […]

Posted on 8th June 2020



The new single “Lighting” by Meadowlark on Fries Boom Barrier by Guesstimate is the Tune Of The Week on Soundzrise Radio, electronic music station. artist: MEADOWLARK title: Lighting label: Fries Boom Barrier by Guesstimate release date: 22nd May 2020  

Posted on 25th May 2020



RY X and Frank Wiedemann reunite as Howling to present Colure, the sophomore full-length record from their joint musical enterprise. RY X, solo alternative artist and member of The Acid, and Frank, one half of Âme, bring fans a bigger, sharper follow-up to their debut, Sacred Ground. On Colure, the Berlin-based Wiedemann and Los Angeles-based […]

Posted on 15th May 2020



KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH “The Steady Heart” KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH “Expanding Electricity” is the new Tune Of The Week. It’s the first single track extract from just released album “The Mosaic Of Transformation” on Ghostly International “The Steady Heart” quivers to life, peppering blasts of wooden organ between winding vocal affirmations. As with a body, moving […]