With our feet firmly in summer, Wallners’ new single “Dracula” throws back our minds to those darker days whose only distractions were to embrace them entirely. “Dracula” goes beyond defining a gloomy mood, it centres itself within and explores the paths that emerge from it.

The music video is once again made by the award-winning Austrian director Rupert Höller, who recently was nominated for the Austrian music video award with his video for Wallners’ “All Again” single.

The band – composed of siblings Nino, Laurenz, Anna, and Max – have been blazing a dreamy trail with their young career. Their melancholic and enlightening dream pop cemented their position as the most exciting newcomer band in their home country and evoked excitement further afield. Wallners’ debut EP Prolog I, released in February 2021, was rewarded with their first international Radio Airplay in Germany, France and Slovenia. Further accolades followed.

The French issue of Rolling Stone Magazine featured the EP’s single All Again., whilst their debut single in my mind recently raked in over 2 million streams on Spotify.
Shifting bass and drums into higher gears, “Dracula” has seen the band fuse a greater energy into their instruments. At the same time “Dracula” holds a smooth urgency that anchors it entirely within the realm of the dreamy and surreal.

for courtesy of Centerpoint Agency


I’m playing a part

Mhm and everybody’s screaming
and everybody screams
I‘m hearing at last

I‘m sittin‘ here
most days I‘m counting hours
I‘m waiting till the day is finally gone
It‘s black and white
the world is made of powers
I‘m waiting ‘till the brighter one is done

Mhm when everybody‘s dreaming
In everybody’s dreams I‘m playing a part
Mhm and everybody’s screaming
and everybody screams
I‘m hearing at last